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Twitter Pressure Made Me... Nevermind

When my twitter people started talking about ‘when they see us’, I thought ‘they’ve started again oh’ but deep down, I really wanted to see the movie so I could relate to the gist I was seeing on my timeline. Unfortunately, I had canceled my Netflix subscription(I’m sure you have an idea why) so I couldn’t watch. I was lucky enough to get it from my neighbor who had it on her phone. I don’t know how long I cried for. I also learnt a lot of lessons and I mean, a lot. Those lessons inspired this article.

When a person does not like you or what you represent, they will do whatever it takes to bring you down. They will twist your image and make you appear evil to the world. They can have all the facts looking them in the face and still turn a blind eye. In times like that, only GOD can save you. This was evident in the way those investigators kept twisting the facts and manipulating those boys just to make things look the way they want. They didn’t even stop to think about the …


It wasn’t a joke when he heard what happened. He had just been robbed of the money he had been saving for that special project. ‘This life ehn' was all he muttered when he saw it for himself. Someone must have been watching him but he wasn’t sure who. ‘Omo mehn, person wey don die no know wetin dey’, he told someone when the person asked ‘how you dey?’. The response would have been weird but George was different shades of weird already so any air of weirdness around him seemed normal.

Life had been easy for him. If he wanted to tell his story ten years ago, there would have been no point because he had no battles but now, everything is different. If he had been on that plane with them,  he’d have crashed too. Sometimes he’s grateful he wasn’t with them but most times, he’s not so sure anymore. If he could tell his story, it would be titled ‘endless struggle’ because he hadn’t found a breaking point yet so yes, his struggle is endless.

Everyone is a ‘freak’ of something. Music, sex…

How We Should Be

When people ask ‘how are you?’ I honestly doubt that they are ready for the real response. They most likely expect you to just say fine. It’s okay to be fine but we cannot be fine all the time if we’re being honest with ourselves. When I ask how you are, I want to know who annoyed you, what you ate, where you went, everything but you wouldn’t say. Probably because the last time you told someone something deep like that, they just replied with ‘all is well'

The inability to pour your heart out to another has gotten a lot of people inyo over thinking and has led to depression even. Some have gotten so used to keeping it all in to the extent that they outwardly seem incapable of having problems. They are mostly playful and positive around everyone not because they don't have problems but because no one has been able to help in the past.

Everyone has problems and everyone deserves to be heard. This doesn’t mean we should talk to just anyone. A problem shared is supposed to be half…


I met Tobi on twitter, my best social media application. We clicked from the first day we started talking. As time went on, we got closer and our relationship got deeper. He became more important than all the friends I had because he was just always there for me. He was always ready to talk and listen to me and I was always ready to talk and listen to me. The funny part was that we hadn’t even met but we spoke everyday. He was the first person I wanted to talk to about stuff and he always understood. Tobi was everything a best friend could be.

We still had not met. There were times he said he would call but he wouldn’t. I never made it a big deal because I was sure he would have a very good reason because he always did have a good reason for everything.

We all have a Tobi in our lives, at least most of us do. But Tobi is human. Unlike Tobi, God knows how our day went before we tell him. He knows how we feel every time. He’s always ready to listen though he knows what we want to say. H…


I was reading ‘what the dog saw’ (its first few pages) and I decided to write about something that I totally had no interest in. Something that didn’t fascinate me. I just wanted to see how far I can go with this and also try something quite new. Anyway, while thinking about it, I was staring at the wall in front of me and I thought, lets talk about walls. So inner me says, yeah, lets do this then I’m asking ‘what about walls is going to interest you?’

I began to imagine what the first people to build walls were thinking of when they built their first wall. I don’t know how old walls are but I’m grateful for walls. Imagine you and your family had to share a big house with the neighbors and the each family knew their boundaries by footstep measurements, it definitely won’t be great at all. If your bathroom had no wall separating it from the kitchen and your room was not separate from your parents’ or kids’, not funny yeah? I know right!

The need for that physical demarcation is probabl…

End Of The Year 2018 Note

This post is dedicated to all the awesome people in my life. It's my end of the year note. This is where I talk about people I love and express how I truly feel about them. I love a lot of people and I might not be able to mention them all in this article but I'll try my best to capture as much people as I can.

Adedayo Ajala, my best male friend. Twitter brought us together,  I can't even remember when anymore but I'm glad I replied that DM. You understand me in ways I don't even understand. You're always there to listen to me. You always tell me the truth even if it hurts. You're just the best bestfriend in the world. I sometimes wonder what I'd have done without you especially those times when I'm just sad for no reason or some reasons. Times I cry and I can't tell anyone why but you. Thank you for being there for me. You're a blessing. I love you.

Wale Enemy, the worst best friend in the world. You annoy me more than anyone in this world.…