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Shit In The Name Of The Lord.

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The Scrubbing Stone

Living in Lagos is a skill, that's what everyone is shouting. Even those who aren't living in Lagos are shouting and I'm just there like what? Biko shut up already before I...well, what can I do? I can barely help myself right now. Would have been easy if I could go back home but I can't even. Imagine oh, I left home by 12. I work as a customer service officer for wekofoam. On this day, I lied to fam that I had work meanwhile it was my off day. The plan was to go to Gbola’s place. Gbola was bae at the time so it was a love inspired trip. I stayed at a place called Enilolobo meaning ‘the person who went is the person who came back’. Whoever made those names though and it wasn't even a Lagos place. It was somewhere like 10 minutes from where actual Lagos started from my end - Ishaga. My afternoon shift usually starts at 2pm so I leave home by 11:30 to join the bus by 12. So I left around that same time on this fake work day. I had no cash so I planned to use the atm.…



The Male Bestie Situation

The Ticket