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Thank God I'm Not The One

She died in labour, “Oh my God, can’t imagine, thank God I was not the one’’. She failed her exams, “Ehyah, thank God I passed mine once’’. I can go on and on. Tragedies befall people and I’m not saying you should wish you were the victim, far from it. If life was a movie, it’ll definitely end as a tragi-comedic one. Some will end up smiling, some dead, some sad and alive.

A lot of us are not exactly sympathetic about what happens to other people as long as they don’t affect us directly. We’re more gladdened by the fact we’re not the one affected but have you ever stopped to think for a minute “what if I was the one?’’ Errrr no, as long as it didn’t happen to us, it’s as good as not happened at all.

I’ve seen a lot of cases where people are very confident that some of the challenges people face will never happen to them but sadly, it eventually does happen to them in like seven folds or more. It has made me realise that anything can happen to anyone. No one is too super to face challeng…

Yo Fam!

Family = FAM, I Love You (lol, I know how that sounds too). So let’s get to it, what does it mean to be fam? These days, you see people say ‘happy birthday fam’, ‘what’s up fam’ and all other fam-related sentences. After much observation, I’ve decided to define fam as someone who is either blood related or non-blood related who you share a lot with, trust, fight with and for, and very loyal to.
Who can be fam?
Being fam isn’t a gender thing, anyone can be fam. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can be fam only if you have mutual friends and they get along well with your blood relations. Your blood related family can be fam provided they have the fam qualities which being blood isn’t one of.

Basic fam rules
   vAlways make sure that the person you consider fam thinks you’re fam too. It shouldn’t be one-sided.   vYou should be able to insult (yab) fam without them taking offense. However, never insult fam during an argument or a fight. Insults should only be playful.   vYou should never think of fa…