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Monday Morning

She woke around 2am for no reason..oh there was one, she remembered. She had slept very early the previous night and her body was ready to be awake. Unfortunately for her body, she wanted to sleep because she was supposed to officially wake up by six and she couldn't think of any thing to do to keep her awake till six that won't end up messing up her 'ginger' for the day. She was sure she needed enough sleep to withstand the day's pressure.

She picked up her phone and replied the messages she had slept off on. She remembered she had told her ex to call the previous night and he had but she was so sleepy she couldn't remember what they talked about. She decided to call him back. One of the things she missed about him was that he was the only person she could call at any time of the day to talk to. He was an insomniac just like her until she got this very stressful job of looking for clients from all over the state to patronize the sales of mouringa leaves. The j…

Demons At Work

Drama exists everywhere. In church, home, school, work etc. it is safe to say that drama exists in our lives in different ways. Drama isn’t necessarily negative or positive. It’s just drama and our reaction towards it determines how it’ll affect us whether positively or negatively. Our concern today is on workplace drama.

I’ve worked in a few places and from what I hear about other places I haven’t worked at, it pretty much is the same thing. It’s inevitable, drama I mean. You can’t put people with different temperament, background, exposure, habits, etc in one place and expect it to be all fun and games.

There are ways to avoid being affected by this drama when it arises and that’s the essence of this post.
Thread carefully. If you’re new on the job or at your workplace, it’s important for you to observe everyone well enough to decide how you’ll relate with them. You won’t relate with them the same way because they differ from each other. Only through careful observation is how you’l…

Shit In The Name Of The Lord.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘don’t think of what your country will do for you, think of what you will do for your country’’ my question is ‘why does your country want you do things for it/her?’ oh well…this article isn’t even about our/my/your/any country, I want to talk about our churches. I gisted you guys some time ago about how some people wanted to crucify me one Sunday because I said I didn’t go to church that day. I was talking to my best friend about how I plan to split my tithe into two because a lot of churches don’t help the people.  They mostly use their money to beautify the structure, build it into a better looking one but neglect building up the people financially and materially.

A lot of people give to churches not because they were led by the spirit but because they were instructed by their pastor to do so. I’ve heard stories of how people got broke giving all they had to the church because their ‘daddy in the Lord’ or ‘mummy in the Lord’ instructed them to do so…

The Scrubbing Stone

Living in Lagos is a skill, that's what everyone is shouting. Even those who aren't living in Lagos are shouting and I'm just there like what? Biko shut up already before I...well, what can I do? I can barely help myself right now. Would have been easy if I could go back home but I can't even. Imagine oh, I left home by 12. I work as a customer service officer for wekofoam. On this day, I lied to fam that I had work meanwhile it was my off day. The plan was to go to Gbola’s place. Gbola was bae at the time so it was a love inspired trip. I stayed at a place called Enilolobo meaning ‘the person who went is the person who came back’. Whoever made those names though and it wasn't even a Lagos place. It was somewhere like 10 minutes from where actual Lagos started from my end - Ishaga. My afternoon shift usually starts at 2pm so I leave home by 11:30 to join the bus by 12. So I left around that same time on this fake work day. I had no cash so I planned to use the atm.…